Your salary Pretty sure? Try Find Out Here

Your salary Pretty sure? Try Find Out Here

An employee working in a company, of course, earn a salary. Employees often feel payment received is not in accordance with his labors.

But, before facing the boss to negotiate a salary, there is no conformity good salary.

Reporting from Emirates 247, Sunday, June 19, 2016, there are three ways to find out if their salary is in line with the market or even in a down market. Baca lebih lanjut

Daily noise ask Google and YouTube are blocked 2

Daily noise ask Google and YouTube are blocked 2

liberate themselves

Apart from the noise made by ICMI, still Google and YouTube are foreign products. Of course, the plus and minus two giant sites that exist. Remember the news that Google does not pay income tax and VAT tax on a series of transactions of digital advertising in Indonesia?

Yes, that’s the minus side of the players over the top (OTT) foreigners such as Google’s. On one occasion, the MCIT had expressed if the turnover of digital advertising in Indonesia reached Rp 10.7 trillion. Unfortunately, the government just bite the finger that does not benefit a dime of tax that they should pay. As a result, do not want to let it keep happening, the rules regarding foreign OTT was being deliberated. One aim is to capture taxes from Google and his friends.

This issue is not just the government who participatedgregetan, but also the local players who incidentally lives of digital advertising. One is Kaskus. Kaskus founder, Andrew Dervish, had said that Indonesia is like going back to the colonial era. The difference, if the first colonists took the spices they want with them, now turn the potential of digital advertising homeland taken away. Baca lebih lanjut

Daily noise ask Google and YouTube are blocked

Daily noise ask Google and YouTube are blocked

Commotion arose on Wednesday (08/06), when the Association of Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) issued an official statement. In the official statement, ICMI through the Secretary General, JafarHafsah, urging the government to shut down access to YouTube and Google. He reasoned that these two sites deemed to have been spreading pornographic contents.

“This site has been freely available to spread the contents of pornography and violence without the slightest control. Google and YouTube have a negative impact on Indonesia if they can not control the websites that they upload to the community,” he said.

His statement was, frankly make this country increasingly rowdy. Various groups vying commenting on the statement Jafar to Vice President JusufKalla, too, raised his voice. Hujaman hectic criticism to ICMI, appears to make the organization as panic.

Until finally Chairman of ICMI, JimlyAsshidiqie, clarifying the statement of the Secretary General.Jimly call, if ICMI statement urging the government to block two giant sites it is a personal opinion of the secretary general. Not an official statement of the organization. Baca lebih lanjut

Rows best place to skydive in Asia

Rows best place to skydive in Asia

Asia is famous for cultural exoticism, dining experience, a beautiful nature. This is so the reasons travelers from all over the world to play around to various parts of Asia.

At higher levels, the natural beauty across Asia have turned out to be an attraction to be combined with extreme sports, one of which skydive. How not, Asia has many beautiful beaches, incredible natural contours, even the highest mountain on the continent there is also the largest in the world.

It is not wrong to see the different locations to skydive extreme, which combines the beauty of nature as well as urban areas, with the thrill of extreme sports challenges. here are some of the most beautiful sites contained skydiving in Asia. Baca lebih lanjut

Theories and techniques that must be known candidate skydiver!

Theories and techniques that must be known candidate skydiver!

Skydiving is certainly not the case jump and posture in space, open a parachute and landed. It turns out a lot of things to support our presence in the sky you know. Jump from the plane to free fall, it needs medasar techniques, to advanced.

If you are someone who wants to try out how it feels ‘taking off’ without want complicated, there are instructors and you can skydive tandem. But more interesting if we know in advance what techniques and theories are applied when we were in heaven, so we do not just simply jump and without knowing how to maneuver in the sky, and how the process of landing.

According to the narrative of the skydiver many beginners, at first they plunged, they’ve immediately wanted to get a license and plunge himself. If you are such a person, here are some useful techniques and theories to try skydive.

1. Stability and maneuverability

The basic principle of stability and maneuverability is the most fundamental thing in a skydive. Stability itself is a tendency of the body to return to its original position, after sebua force is applied to the body, when we floated in the air. When the body is not stable, the body will not survive in its original position. Baca lebih lanjut